Empress Sisi has a great need to maintain and care for both her beauty and health.  In Italy, various signs of her desire are evident. Sisi comes to Northern Italy, at times with her family, for health treatments and, as almost everywhere, she enjoys moving about freely and often outdoors.

She travels repeatedly, for example, to the spa town of Meran, to Levico Terme, the city of hot springs, and to the mountain village of Madonna di Campiglio. She appreciates the pure air, the curative waters, the joy of moving about freely and the view of the mountains and the sea. And she uses Italy as a stopover on long trips. Sisi comes here to rest and “recharge,” to dwell at this place not too far from her home country and yet away from it.

Traveling to and from the Mediterranean, Sisi stops at Miramare Castle on the Adriatic coast near Trieste 14 times. She visits Venice only twice, but stays for more than half a year altogether. Aside from the aspects of caring for herself and physical regeneration, she also values the culture of and life in this romantic, picturesque, cheerful, Mediterranean land. And with her glamourous and charming appearance, she is, so to say, a positive political influence.

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