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Sisi’s Road

A cultural route from Bavaria to the Ionian Sea

The life of Empress Elisabeth, Austrian monarch and passionate traveler, is a labyrinth of a thousand paths. Today she would surely be labeled a globetrotter. In her honor, Sisi’s Road was created in 2002: a cultural travel route to selected cities, castles, palaces, parks and places which are inextricably linked with the restless life of this modern empress.

Sisi’s Road leads to many stages in the life of the empress, a woman with an innate love for nature born into the House of Wittelsbach in Bavaria. The road reveals a number of established but also new travel destinations. This historic cultural route “à la Sisi” is suited for individual travelers as well as tourist groups passing through big and small cities, on to elegant chambers and monuments, well-known and lesser-known museums, “insiders’ tips,” gardens and parks, and quiet as well as joyfully lively destinations. Today Sisi’s Road leads to Bavaria, through Austria and Hungary, through Italy to the Adriatic coast, on to the Greek island Corfu and into Switzerland – where the life of the empress came to an abrupt end in 1898. Nevertheless, the legend of Sisi lives on. See for yourself.