Austria is the country of Sisi’s emperor, her crown and her social obligations. It is the land in which its female monarch, the “child of Wittelsbach,” will go down in history. And it is the country in which many limitations and constraints will be imposed upon Sisi and in which she must restrict her liberal disposition and her unconventional behavior. For Sisi it is the country of pompous representation and holding court, but it also includes very strict court etiquette.

Here Sisi becomes acquainted with her Franz Joseph, marries and bears her first children.Here, she is empress. Austria is the country which transforms the carefree Bavarian girl Elisabeth into a historical and international celebrity within a very short time period, and it is the country in which she must fulfill obligations, such as in the imperial city of Vienna. But she can also seek refuge here and withdraw, for example in Laxenburg or Bad Ischl. Nature with its mountains, forests and parks always plays a significant role for Sisi, an enthusiastic horseback rider, swimmer and hiker.

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