Only a few kilometers from Augsburg, the moated mansion in Unterwittelsbach is located near the city of Aichach. The mansion with its stylish park grounds first appears in documentation in 1126. The estate becomes a beloved summer residence of Sisi’s father, the genial Duke Max, beginning in 1838 and remains so for many years. He sweetly refers to the mansion as “my castle.”

Additionally, the duke is owner of a huge area of hunting grounds in Wittelsbacher Land which he uses often and with great pleasure. Here, young Sisi is able to live out her happy childhood in the tradition of Bavaria. Rather than court etiquette, playing, romping and hunting determine the activity of unrestrained hours. Little Elisabeth, child of the House of Wittelsbach, loves being outdoors, at ease and able to do as she pleases. And her father Duke Max is proud of his daughters who do not “strut around” imitating queens.

Seemingly, Sisi rides her pony in the mansion park. Her fun-loving father who enjoys mingling with the “simple folk of Aichach,” also owns the nearby castle in Kühbach, used for celebrations, as well as the hunting château in Rapperzell. Both are privately owned today. The exhibitions in the Sisi Mansion include the photograph of Duke Max which he gave a female innkeeper in Aichach as a gift. Nearby in Oberwittelsbach you can find remains of the castle destroyed in1209 from which the family of Wittelsbach took its name.

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