In the former hunting lodge of Mayerling, exactly at the site where the chapel stands today, Crown Prince Rudolf and 17-year old Mary Vetsera tragically lost their lives in 1889.

Immediately after their death, a wide variety of suggestions emerged as to what should happen to the hunting lodge in future. The emperor decided to have the property converted into a Carmelite convent. The fateful location was to become a place of expiation, a place of prayer. At the same time a small memorial would keep the memory of the tragedy alive.

In October 2014 a modern visitor center was created with an interesting exhibition on the subject of the Heir to the Throne and the course of the events, and which still today offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of that time. Take a moment to get to know the nobility and also the challenges of Rudolf’s life and visit this historical place in the Wienerwald (the idyllic Vienna Woods) near the imperial city of Baden and the historical town of Laxenburg.

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